A Little Late (It’s OK)

A Little Late (It’s OK)

Rather than a title to a song meant to bring catharsis and comfort, this is title to a post meant to prime and position. The last quinzena came and went, without a blog to usher the next one forward.

I have been wanting to write for some time now (at least seven days), but I did not consider it enough of a priority that I published anything (as can be seen in this blog’s archives). To explain, I have been placing my gaze on other things. Specifically other options, other endeavors.

I do mean to be in inexact. You see, this is an open forum, to which many have access. And due to the nature of my endeavors (professionally, mostly), I have chosen not to divulge all the details. I will say this though…

I am gaining experience teaching children as well as adults now. My students are learning, telling me that they have never been so excited to study English, and that I am a good teacher.

My pocketbook has been blessed; it is as full as it should be. I will not compare it to an American salary. Instead, know that I am learning to be content, as Paul did, with much and/or with little. To use the Scripture in context, I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me. And He does strengthen me… each day as I bow my knee physically and metaphorically.

These past weeks I have also had reason to be encouraged, refreshed, and joyful. Normally I would share the specifics because a testimony builds up the faith of others, but not in the context of this blog. At least not at the moment.

So what should you expect for the next post? News. Of some kind. Even I don’t know what, to a point. But if you want to accompany me, than please patiently pace yourself, and check in next month.

Not sure how this looks or even if it is the wisest thing to look this way, but I felt I should write for those interested enough to keep reading. This post was a little late.

But that’s OK.


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