Brazilian TV

Brazilian TV.

My first request: DO NOT Google the term. Please. If you don’t have a film name in mind, then just let it be.

Yeah, you can just put on your “take that with a grain of salt and a patience pill” hat right now.

Those who have heard me talk about Brazil may not have heard me talk about the TV because, well, it is pretty much uncensored. Anything goes, clothing being optional. This is part of the Brazilian vice, or the state of cultural degradation of the region. But shame on you if you think we American don’t have our own vices. As much as it hurts to say, Hoarders (or “Accumulators” as it is known here) is a popular talking point for Brazilians wondering how pigs managed to create and maintain their sty in the “best country in the world”. The point is that you can judge, but you had better be careful how you judge.

Getting back to Brazilian TV, I actually appreciate being able to see bloody crime scenes on Brazilian News. It seems the overly censored USA News has Americans thinking that violent crime doesn’t happen “in a theater near you.” I guess I am just not for making things look good when things are ugly. Call it maturing honesty.

One thing that I also appreciate about Brazilian TV is how it showcases the ability that many Brazilians have to live “one with another” even in tough situations. Down on your luck and have a young wife and child? Move into your Brazilian Mom and Dad’s house. Can’t afford a car with your current salary? Get ride from your Brazilian buddies. The point is that Braziliand make a way or “dar um jeito“.

And here are some commercials that, for me, celebrate Brazilian Humor (not just sense of humor), whether it be funny, heartwarming, or just downright silly.

Enjoy a piece of Brazil on the house.

Oh, you will want to get a chair. This might take a while.

**** If you are unable to view the YouTube videos embedded in this post, it may be because YouTube has not made them accessible in your country. If that is the case, I offer what virtual comfort I can. If not, you are blessed. That is all.


Nescau Cocoa



Listerine Ballerina Meets UFC


Dare to Be Brazilian

Skol Beer: England

Skol Beer: Argentina

Mostra Sua Forca Brasil (Show Your Strength Brazil)

– The song that has been on TV since March 2014


So I used the term “soda pop” instead of “soft drink”. Life goes on.

Note: some of the Coca-Cola commercials below were filmed only AFTER the Brazilian National Team passed the group phase  (in real time)… only time will tell what will happen if (a big IF) Brazil doesn’t defeat Columbia tonight. But in place of thinking about what-ifs, I recommend enjoying these quality commercials. And, and Go Brazil

Coca-Cola – Brazil x Croatia

Coca-Cola – Brazil x Mexico

Coca-Cola – Brazil x Cameroon

Coca-Cola – Brazil x Chile

Coca-Cola – Brazil x Colombia

– A Tribute to the Goalkeepers of the 2014 World Cup, which, according to the time it was designed, I have to believe is connected with Tim Howard’s amazing performance against post-WWII Belgian artillery (Honorable mentions: Ochoa, Courtois, Julio Cesar).

What has Pepsi been up to? Check this out (from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa):

Pepsi – Refresh Your World

– Keep an eye out for Messi’s haircut and the Brazilian Kaka, recently announced to be added to the Orlando City roster.

– Keep in mind: Pepsi is not the best at avoiding stereotypes.

And to wrap this post up: Little Kids Singing!

– Always a crowd-pleaser, right?


Now to see how Brazil does against Germany.

Viva Brasil!



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