So Much Win in Brazil Right Now

The 2014 World Cup is almost upon us!!!

The first game airs on June 12th at 17:00 (5:00pm) local time… and there is so much win down here in Brazil, you can just eat it up!

That gives me an idea… if we are gonna talk about “win”, why don’t we eat it up for real? Or at least you can eat vicariously through me. 😀

Behold, the Newest (and maybe awesomest) Sales Gimmick in Brazil: McDonald’s World Cup Burgers


Would ya just LOOK at this!

Without a doubt, the probably-patented “McBall” soccer-style buns really seal the deal.

Now, for those of you who are wondering what I am talking about (being in Brazil helps me keep informed), I am talking about seven unique burgers sold in Brazilian McDonald’s restaurants that are based on 7 national teams from around the worldOne for each day of the week, now until June 25th.

NOTE: This is not a new thing in Brazil. I recently just ate a “Germandog” or Alemao, one of eight limited-time hotdogs at Senhor Garibaldi’s Gourmet Hotdog Shop. The USA wasn’t on the menu because they haven’t won a World Cup yet. Also, I doubt the Americano would have spicy mustard or sauerkraut, to which I have taken a liking. A friend of mine tells me that their “Spanishdog” is also quite tasty.

Lady’s and Gentlemen, the Special Edition World Cup Burgers:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want to see the break down of the ingredients of each burger in English, click on the following link (it is blueish, labeled, and underlined, to make it easy to find): LINK TO ENGLISH INGREDIENTS.

And yes, you can only order the burger if it is the burger of the day. That means I have about 2 more chances to eat each of the seven burgers before they go away forever.

Looking at the pictures and the ingredients, I just gotta know: Which burger is the most appetizing to you?

Well, what are you waiting for? Vote in the box below!

There are some things that I think, as an Brazilian-American, should be recognized in regard to the burgers, from a political standpoint. Three things, actually.

1. If you look carefully (place sarcastic tone here), you may notice that the chef from the U-S-A is F-A-T. Interesting, considering the international and domestic reputation of preferring deep fried to organic foods (Is that such a bad thing?) Reminds me of some parody action Weird Al Yancovic got in on a few years ago.

2. The American burgermaster (I guess the German one is called a burgermeister?) does not speak English in the official McDonald’s TV commercial (likely because nobody could find an English-speaking person that fit the American image that FIFA may or may not have wanted to project.)

3. The USA has NO BUSINESS having a World Cup McDonald’s burger in Brazil. OK, they invented the Golden Arches and therefore helped in the fight against World Hunger, but this is a shaky justification at best. Shaky like the American’s head in the TV commercial (referenced above), cause all obese Americans can do is shake their heads apparently.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Although internationally depicted as fat and dumb (oh, should I say “mute”?), these slights are negligible when Americans realize something: they have the best looking burger on the menu, even if it was over-Americanized with barbecue sauce that is more pleasing to the American mind than to the palate.


Just to be completely honest to my American readers who may have felt indignant just now, I just found the day-specific commercial where the American DOES talk (though I believe they had an American do a voice-over).

I admit I would have been miffed if I had seen this commercial last year. But after being here for a year or so… I actually sort of find the over-the-top accent to be almost comical. I mean, like really, do we sound like that?

Personally, I thought the guy resembled The Swedish Chef.

Nothing like watching the Muppets to diffuse a tense situation. 😉

To end this post, let me make an observation. You would think that the McBrazil would be the biggest hit in Brazil, right? Well, the numbers show that Argentina leads the pack. That’s ironic. If you are a soccer buff, you probably know that Argetina is Brazil’s biggest rival. Fail.

Yet even ending with such an epic fail, you can’t deny that, whether or not the Brazilian team wins the Cup, down in Brazil there is…

So Much Win


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