Some Curitiba Stuff For Ya


A friend of mine sent me over to the Curitiba City Hall Facebook page and I realized… they had some pretty great stuff on there.

I went picking around the site and selected stuff from the last year, and I’d like to share some of what I found with you. Let’s start with a laugh, shall we?


Goku Curitiba


Curitiba City Hall reports that someone spotted and captured a photo of an unidentified (yet strangely familiar) flying object outside a plane. [Can you say “Flying Nimbus”?]

And just to show that this was not an isolated incident…

Goku Bill Curitiba

…July 2013 witnessed the vandalism of the Brazilian version of the 100 dollar bill. The text that should have read”God be praised” was modified to read “Goku be praised”. BTW, the news said the person responsible was promptly fired. DBZ is pretty big in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. Real talk.

Star Wars:

Star Wars Day Curitiba

“May the Forth be with you.”

This was posted on May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day. Hilarious.


People in the Midwest often talk about how the climate can change three times in two hours. Well, I guess Curitiba really is like STL, because down in this region of Brazil it’s much the same. Here’s some artwork to show what I mean.

Weather Curitiba


And, for those lovers of “real” art…

Mona Lisa Curitiba

Ms. Lisa was visiting Curitiba last week week. Funny ’cause it’s true. Feelin’ like winter in Southern Brazil, yo.

Green Curitiba:

Most of my readers probably have heard me talk about the example that Curitiba is of cleanliness. I think this photo captures the thought well.

Wall-E Curitiba

This was part of a campaign to keep the streets clean. Those familiar with Wall-E and his adorable robot noises and AI emotions understand how persuading this can be.


Blast from the Past:

Herbie Curitiba


“Herbie lives in Curitiba”


This is funny because I have heard Brazilian refer to VW Beatles as “Herbies.” Also… I am pretty sure I have seen this very car once or twice since arriving. On Facebook, someone claims to be the neighbor of the owner of this car. Well, that’s pretty cool.

Curitiba Video:

Here is a video that gives a good sense of Curitiba and what my life has been like for the past year.


And that’s all I got for now. See you next time!



P.S. This is a pinecone. (Well, almost.)

Candelabra Tree


Addendum June 6:

This was recently put up… for those who think I was joking about Dragon Ball. Click on the link below (and translate):


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