Breakfast Blog Post

This last week I was thinking about what I eat. And while I was thinking, I realized that you, dear Readers, may be wondering what I eat for breakfast, since I’m in a different country.

So… why not globalize the issue and enlarge the pegs of your international, intellective tent?

The bottom line is that I don’t eat the same thing I do in the USA. Well… sometimes.

Sometimes I eat buttered toast (Yeah, toast!), but jelly/jam is a little expensive down in Brazil since much of it is imported.

At some point in the day, I may even eat pancakes.


But as you can see, Brazilian pancakes aren’t quite the same, as they are quite thin and often accompanied by meat and tomato-based sauces. Waffles also get wolfed down savory in Brazil.

Oh yeah, I eat omelets!

Well… it might not be the omelet you know and love, but at least it’s one you know about.

OK, let’s get to the main course.

Even if you’ve already eaten breakfast this morning, and especially if you are not a breakfast eater, I have whipped up a video for you to whet your appetite.

Actually, I just found it on the Internet while scanning someone else’s blog. *cough.cough*

Before you watch the video, one quick comment:

You should know that I am a…

Cereal Killer

Is cereal Dexter’s favorite breakfast as well?

As a cereal lover (it is a love-eat relationship), you understand my dismay and surprise upon discovering that cereal is only mentioned once in the Youtube montage below. That’s fine, though — I’ve made up for the lack of cold cereal in the video by making myself feel warm inside and posting a cardboard C-3PO as the featured image of this post.

Note: out of all the breakfasts exhibited in this video, those of the USA, India, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico are closest to my heart due to my personal experience with the people behind the foods. I’ve been blessed.

Wait, why are you still reading? Isn’t your food getting cold? 🙂

Bon appétit! (Bom Proveito!)


VIDEO: What multiple sections of humanity eat on a normal, matinal basis.


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