May Day, Mayday, M’aidez

Note: For those of my readers who may be alarmed to read “mayday” in my post’s title (Grandma, Mae, Papa, Vovo), you can rest easy knowing that all is well down in Brazil. Your baby’s fine. Em fim, the main reason for the title is that this is the post for the month of May. Who doesn’t like wordplay?

Mayday. The familiar-yet-strange call for assistance has been in countless movies and cartoons. Loony Tunes rings a bell.

Far from evoking images of May flowers—or even April showers— “Mayday” is not a beneficent thing to say, but a desperate one. It’s something you say when you need help, the kind of help without which… you may not live to see another day. Some people think the phrase is derived from the French m’aidez, pronounced similarly. That seems feasible as well as fashionable.

Wherever it came from, its interesting to note that the phrase is used internationally to signal distress to anyone who may be listening. It is a plea for salvation, an aural expression of our physical and spiritual need for safety and security. What’s the truth that mayday reminds us of? We all need somebody to lean on. That, and English is the language to use if you have a radio and are on a deserted island (note to self)

Even champions call for help sometimes. Like Jesus in Matthew 26 (not when He . I am not saying that Jesus was saying “Mayday”; He was NOT being ruled by anxiety and fear. But He was stressed, even to the point of sweating blood. Unlike a pilot careening out of control, He had complete control. And yet He asked for help.

This thought comes from a study that I have been doing on Olives, Oil, Lamps, Light, and where Jesus fits in. I’ll spare you the details and get right to the point, since this is a public blog. The big thing is that Gethsemane is Gat Shenanim, or “Oil Press”, and that night Jesus was being hard pressed (remember the bloodsweat?). But everything was fine… just a tad solemn.

That’s how things are with me. Fine, but solemn. And I’m asking for your help, just like I always do.

This is not a request for financial support. Seeing as I am not divulging my financial data to anyone apart from family, this should be clear. But I do ask for your continued prayers because the next  few weeks will be have noticeably higher potential for stress, financial, personal, and otherwise.

This period makes me think of a time about six years ago… when I was traveling with a dear cousin under sometimes very stressful circumstances. Yep, six years ago (to the month), I was in the Amazon while my brothers were in Mozambique. My cousin and I were near Manaus, and my brothers were near Maputo. If you want to see pictures and/or read about it… you can. Just follow this link: Youth With A Mission DTS Blog. Feel free to explore the site.

Also related to stress and pressure is a video I recently made and uploaded to Youtube. (For real, I uploaded it about a minute ago). As you will see, this pinhao video shows the seed of the Araucaria tree and how you eat it. Pressure is used both in the cooking and the eating process.

It just goes to show that the longer you wait for something, the better it can be. In other words, it takes work to get something worth having.

Applying this to real life, you just read a pretty pithy portion of a post. Now, your reward: pictures!

Come on, we all know you were wanting this: Behold, the Month of May in pixel form!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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