Mission: October Sky

This post is titled “October Sky” is for three reasons. Actually, 3.5 reasons. 🙂

Reason 1:

First, I want to remind you that it’s the middle of October. What do I mean by that?

Frankly, I have recently realized that you, my readers, and I have an unwritten agreement: you expect to have new posts to read at regular intervals. And my posting frequency can be best described as “occasional.” But Rhett and Link have shown me the error of my ways through their mythically inspiring example. It is time to change.

From now to the end of My Brazilian Summer (in other words, as far as the foreseeable future), I want to assure you, readers, that I will be posting at least one blog post every month, musings, announcements, and photo galleries aside.

What I am currently conceptualizing involves a set date for each post as well as a range of different kinds of posts. It is all stewing and simmering in my mind-pot at present, and I will let you know when it is done. For now, bask in the scent and glory of this potential mental meal by consuming the rest of the appetizer that is this post. 🙂

Reason 1.5:

[I added this reason after making the original list of three. Hence, the 1.5.]

This week, with the help of my uncle and my new bank card, I was able to access my first official paycheck! Local municipal open-air market, here I come!

Reason 2:

I recently remembered the autumn rains that they get back in the hills of Illinois. Cloud cover, wind, and shivering trees. Sometimes even hail. Well, it is spring in Paraná state, but international climate has seemed to have forgotten, ’cause here in the subtropics wind be blowing and hail be falling.


Despite the way the doormat is content to chill with the hail, the little ice pebbles were anything but welcome in Curitiba.

photo (1) photo (2)

Photos via a local TV broadcast demonstrating damage caused by heavy rain and strong winds

Thankfully, I was able to maneuver my way back to the apartment from work when I discovered the bus line was out of commission for the evening.

Oh yeah, I am not sure if you know: I work evenings. Riding the bus after dark in a foreign country pretty much every day.

Yep, learning to be a night owl has been a trip. 

Reason 3.

October Sky is a wonderful movie. Just take a look at the trailer:

Just that. 🙂

Reason 4.

I have recently begun a personal campaign to be more artistic, or at least more art-productive.

This is partly due to time I have spent contemplating what it means to “bear good fruit” in our lives. Also, I recently heard a sermon that talked about how, as humans, we have a supernatural capacity to do things and “have dominion” in our lives. In the spirit of my musings and this sermon, I have decided that I would like to initiate some things. One of those things Mission: October Sky. As Homer Hickam did in West Virginia, USA, I’d like to get busy doing something in Parana, Brazil, in my free time… even if that “something” seems to be nothing to the rest of the world.

It all comes down to my calling, my vocation, and that calling is to protect and lead people.

I’ve said for years that I am similar to a horse. Anybody who knows me well knows I eat like a horse (and perhaps could even eat a horse, if I were in France and hungry enough!). But the way I am most like a horse, specifically a race horse, is the way I sprint.

I sprint through life. My life has been a series of sprints. And, again, those who know me well know that I put everything I have into what I do when I do it. This has caused me to run myself to the point of exhaustion in the past.

But now, I am letting Him be the one who leads me both in direction and in pace. I will always lead by example. I will always protect the people I meet. If it means keeping secrets, being merciful, or doing my best to avoid hurting people’s feelings needlessly, I will do it. Of course, as runner in this race called Life, there are people in my sphere of influence, namely other runners. They are the people I seek to protect and lead. There is no winning the race if I sacrifice my conscience and let another fall halfway through.

But leading and protecting others is done neither in my own strength nor in my own wisdom. He tells me when to go and when to hold back.

And now, He is telling me to be there for you guys.

I will be writing y’all and keeping my head up while I am at it. Why? Because up above I see a beautiful October sky.



I have several important choices to make in the near future… and I would appreciate prayer.
Thanks for reading.


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