Taking Care of Business

Greetings Readers!

I commented in a previous post, Leaving on a Jet Plane, that I decided to travel to Brazil to pursue a job I was offered at an English school. As it turns out, that job offer has fallen through. No matter. “Rejoice, We Conquer.”


point dead

Nike’s failed marathon marketing campaign (and a certain host’s generosity) ended up providing me with a comfortable hooded sweatshirt. It’s warm and blue (my favorite color) so never mind the cockroach. Curitbanos/as, pode parar de falar da barata, faz favor. 🙂

To be perfectly serious about it, I am in serious need of a job. But I was in need of a job before I came to Brazil, and I wasn’t worried then, so I don’t know why I should be worried now. My attitude doesn’t need to change just because my situation has changed. I still put faith in God, because God always provides. Period.

I have been keeping myself busy these last 10 days (after my arrival on the 10th) readjusting to life in Brazil. I have acquired a host family (family friends) and am currently living in Curitiba, and will be here for a while. But where exactly is Curitiba?

Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 6.33.50 PM

Curitiba is located in the Southern Brazil; the state capital of Paraná, it is the only city with an American-accredited International School. That would be ISC, the school where I completed my student teaching earlier this year.

To get a feel for Curitiba, watch this video clip on Youtube:


Once I have a work schedule (ONCE I do, not IF), it will be a simple matter of becoming accustomed to walking and making use of the exceptional bus system in Curitiba, as I do not have a car. In the meantime, I am keeping an eye open for jobs. So far, I have contacted four schools and had one interview. I plan to contact several more schools this coming week and begin compiling a pool of students who would like to receive private English lessons. But getting a job is not a simple matter of giving applications and great interviews. Getting a job involves being at the right place at the right time. And for that, prayer is a big help.

Concerning prayer, some recent experiences in Brazil have reminded me of the power of spoken agreement among “two or more.” Testimonies build up our faith, and praying with others can make the difference, especially when prayer partners see their prayers answered.

I am asking you, my readers, to be my partners in prayer. I need a job, maybe several simultaneously, to keep me busy and pay my bills. My acquaintances inform me that English teachers in Brazil often work at multiple schools to rack up 30-40 hours per week. Now, the cost of living may not be that much in Brazil, but the wages for English teachers aren’t apple pie in the sky either. Still, I have high hopes.

In regard to hope, I have learned most of the time it doesn’t pay to become self-centered or detrimentally inward in focus. Even when things are less than optimal, we have the choice to transform our attitude.


I want to maintain my hope in a future which I know God has for me. He knows the plans He has for me, plans to prosper me. And prosperity isn’t necessarily monetary, but it is beneficial. And since he knows I need clothes and food and a place to sleep, I trust that He’ll take care of me. He’ll also give me the desires of my heart. All I got to do is my fair share and “…meet God halfway.”

Follow this link to Youtube to see what I mean:  Where the Red Fern Grows. The part I am referring to starts about 10 minutes in (9:45 exactly), but I recommend the whole film (it’s my favorite movie, after all).
Now, to address more sensational matters… here are some pictures of the last week:

As Donas da Cozinha. We made American pancakes and waffles.

As donas da cozinha. We made American pancakes and waffles.

Brazilian pancakes ("panqueca"), complete with  ground beef, cheese, and savory sauces.

Brazilian pancakes (“panqueca”), complete with ground beef, cheese, and savory sauces.


Inside-out underwear. It’s a pastry… I’ll eat it, no matter what name the Brazilians give it. (“cueca virada”).

Eating waterbread ("pão de água") and ham and cheese. Notice the Tupperware container accommodates the two ingredients very nicely... one in every household. Handy, eh? :)

Eating water bread (“pão de água”) and ham and cheese. Notice the Tupperware container accommodates the two ingredients very nicely… one in every household. Handy, eh? 🙂

Lords of the Loaf. Haha. Not what I think J.R.R. had in mind.
Local bakery called the Lords of the Loaf. Haha. Not what I think J.R.R. had in mind.
THAT's more like it. :)
THAT’s more like it. 🙂

Before we end this post, there is question I would like to ask you, as readers.

WordPress.com has made me aware that My Brazilian Summer is being enjoyed by hundreds of people in several countries. That is wonderful. It makes me want to thank all of my readers. As a gesture of my gratefulness, I have made my first blog poll. The question? What can I do for you? What can I write about or include in my posts that would make this Brazilian summer of ours even more wonderful. Vote below and let me know.

As always, thank you for reading, and thank you for your prayers.

TESOL Teacher Kyle


2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog! Keeping your situation in my prayers. The Lord will open necessary doors to put you in the place you need to be. Keep the faith!

  2. Kyle, I know you will keep the faith. You know this is where you should be and God will show you the right timing. Enjoy the experience and I look forward to reading more details as you have them.

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