The Penultimate Day Post

It is the second-to-last day of my Brazilian summer.

Yes, second-to-last is what “penultimate” means. Tomorrow will be the ultimate day (the last one). And guess what, the antepenultimate day was yesterday (the third-to-last day).

Gotta love the language you learn by studying another language (see Portuguese dictionary: penultimo). ūüôā

I have not posted much since my last post. Actually, I have not posted at all since then. The busy life of a student teacher, what can I say?

But now I am leaving Brazil. It has been a wonderful summer… so many things that God did and is doing in my heart. And you know¬†what, I would not change any¬†of what has happened… because I¬†am sure that God does not lie… and he says in Romans 8:28 that¬†He uses all things to work for the good¬†of those who love¬†Him and are called according to His purpose. So take the best and flush the rest, as a friend of mine would say.

The sun it setting on one summer… but it is just rising on¬†another. In the same way, my life moves on in the regenerative¬†cycle that is this life on God’s green earth. I migrate as I need to. But hey, I need prayer support. That is where you, dear reader, come in.

I leave Curitiba for Sao Paulo tomorrow. Later in the day (the 6th) I go abroad to Texas. Once I leave that country (Texas) I make my way to STL. From there, my Daddy picks me up and I will give him a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

Too emotional? Read another blog. Family is worth being touchy-feely. I got the Feely Award at my university, I know.

Prayer requests:

*Traveling mercies as I journey back to the US

*The Lord’s wisdom and mind as I navigate my way to the US

*The Light of the Lord to help me bless others while I am still outside the US

*The ability to write a request that ends with something other than “the US”

I’m American. Brazilian, too. But home is where the heart is. And that means I go wherever Jesus leads me… and for the summer, that means IL, MO, FL, OH, TN, and the Caribbean.

When it comes to Brazil…

Who knows, I may be back sooner than later.

Peace to you, dear readers. It has been a wild ride, and I’m sure it will continue to be.

TESOL Teacher Kyle


2 thoughts on “The Penultimate Day Post

  1. I am happy that you were able to have this experience, Kyle. There are even better and bigger things to come to you in your life! I pray that you have a safe journey back to the US, back into the arms of your loved ones, and to have the continued ability to bless others with God’s love. Remember that I will always be here for you! Besos from Mexico!

  2. Thanks for sharing your blogs with us, Kyle. I really enjoyed reading this morning as I was eating my Greek yogurt. We miss you already. Mr. Paul and Mama Antoinette

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