Brazilian Summer = New Season

In this, my Brazilian summer, it is a new day, a new season… quite literally.

March 20th was the first day of autumn in Brazil. Yet, I think of it as the first day of spring, as most of my readers (based in North America) would also regard it. If spring, then that stereotyped time of new beginnings, blossoming hopes, and allergies.

*cough, cough*

Maybe scratch that last one? What do you think, readers? I’ll forget to be realistic if you do.

I can just see your reactions now: “Sure thing, Kyle. Right back “a-choo.”

I love you guys.

As it is a new season and not technically summer any longer, I would ask my readers to suspend practicality and logic and join me in what, now, is a journey looking toward the summer. When I return home in May… I will find myself entering the summer of the United States. Join me in the spirit of the coming summer, not the cold facts of autumn which currently surround me.

Random pictures!!!


IMG_1339Yet another hilarious Brazilian sign: “Automatic Action.”

IMG_1349A verse that rings true: Ecclesiastes 3:11.


IMG_1422Six propeller planes given to Brazil; they fly over major Brazilian cities occasionally… and the occasion was that I was in town!  (Objects in view are larger than they appear.)


IMG_1433Where I was treated to a fancy fondue dinner. Never thought I’d go to a Swiss restaurant in Brazil, haha. Grandma: I did not wear a hat indoors (just so you know).



Pancakes made from scratch (and in the shape of a butterfly!) Well, I tried to make it look like a butterfly. 🙂



Eating an American recipe brownie at a Brazilian baby shower after school last Thursday!



Beautiful flowers outside a Middle School English classroom where I observed. (This one was taken more than a month ago, but remember that I looking ahead to summer, even if that means looking back!).


IMG_1573A display at school showing pictures from my Sao Paulo trip.

Special treat: if you want to see A LOT more photos of this trip, simply copy the following link and paste it above in your Internet address bar. Or maybe you can just click on it:


So, Kyle, if this is new season for you… what is on the horizon? What is next?

The first answer to this question is that I must finish my student teaching. We are currently finishing Romeo and Juliet in 9th grade, and after this I move on to 10th to teach Antigone, probably the last major work that I will teach during student teaching.

After two tragedies, I am happy to say that I will be able to enjoy a comedy (essentially a story with a happy ending), and that ending will be graduating and then celebrating with my brothers and family. Why? Because my two brothers and I will be graduating from Lindenwood University the same weekend!

But then comes the big question people have been waiting for: What AFTER student teaching?




God has a plan. I am one of his sheep. So I am trusting that I will hear the voice of my shepherd. In the meantime I am checking out job opportunities at schools in Florida, Missouri, Illinois, and Alaska.


That’s right: Alaska.


And the thing about Alaska… God could really use it to help me get my berings, see?

We’ll see what door opens. Until then… I’m knockin’.




2 thoughts on “Brazilian Summer = New Season

  1. What a nice butterfly pancake! 🙂 Something we haven’t talked about yet is “how are your classes going?” Are the students enjoying and learning? What are you learning about teaching? When I did my student teaching I learned that I didn’t want to be a teacher…that is when I changed my major. haha! Talk to you soon!
    P.S. I clicked on the more photos link and it came up empty.

  2. Wonderful memories. And what is “muito legal” is that I had the opportunity to share some of these occasions with you, Kyle. 😉

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