Composing Myself

Mi mi mi mi mi!

As I compose myself for this blog post and reflect over the past two weeks, I want to make it clear that my student teaching is not about me: It’s about the kids. Wherever I teach in the future, it will be about using my experience and knowledge to provide quality education and challenge students to reach past their potential. The educators among us need not be reminded of this. But as I write I realize that most of the people reading this blog probably have experience with teaching or higher education. It is a blog about student teaching, after all. Doh! Moving on.

After two weeks in the classroom, I am just about ready to teach my first class more or less solo. Well, I told some of you that I would be teaching my first solo lesson last Monday (the 4th), but that didn’t happen. I had to let the Wookiee win, you might say.

You see, I was planning on teaching on last Monday. I had a lesson plan and a PowerPoint presentation I was working on… but that Saturday my cooperating teacher (CT) and I decided to have to the students make their own presentations first. My discourse on the Devil will have to wait.

To explain the Luciferous slant of my previous statement, the 9th graders are currently studying Lord of the Flies, so we had students discuss the nature of evil. For those who are interested, Beelzebub is Hebrew for “Lord of the Flies.” If this is incorrect, I blame Wikipedia. In any case, we had an interesting time. Actually, after spending the whole week on this, the novel, and part of the film, we still have some students scheduled to present after Carnaval.

That’s right! Carnaval is here. And that means no school until the 18th. It also means that Rio has, once again, given the key of the city to King Momo and allowed the Greek god of mockery to rule for a few days. Personally, I plan to steer clear of the beach. But back to student teaching. 🙂

Due to the pig symbolism and references to degenerate humanity in LOTF, I will be facilitating a discussion on the relevant biblical history and tradition before we get into written assessments. For example, the religious controversy faced by Christians over eating pork, the controversy’s connection to law and unrestraint, and Lucifer’s “I Will Speech” contained in Isaiah 14. The material is little dark, but the students seem to be genuinely interested and open to others’ ideas, even if things discussed in class are all not rainbows and pandacorns.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 11.21.30 AM

For those who wonder, this is what I like to call a pandacorn. What will bigwigs at Robot Unicorn Attack think of next?

On a slightly lighter note, I think it is fitting that I live in a neighborhood where all the streets are named after classical composers: Mozart, Bach, Schumann.  Why is this fitting? I’ve been composing myself, with an artsy fedora and everything. Specifically, I am composing songs for piano. To reward my readers, because I know that this is a long, long way to read, I have uploaded my first composition to the Web: “Piano in Brazil, No. 1 in A Major.” If you like instrumental music, dar uma olhada at Youtube. Musicians, please see the note that follows:

*So… the thing is that, if you have a harmonica in the key of G, I would really enjoy it if you would play along with “No. 1.” and let me know how easy it is to follow. However, because the song is one whole step up from G, you will have to use a capo. To play, place the capo on the second fret of the harmonica, take a deep breath, and go for it. Do this, and you’ll make me smile.

As something to chew on—or rather, tea to drink with the jam and bread of thought—I want to let my readers know that I am currently coming to the point where I need to decide what I want to do after student teaching. Obviously, I plan to graduate and become certified as an English teacher, but when and where is less clear. I have peace about returning to the States, and I am realizing that there is no reason to rush. Brazil is not going anywhere, and I can always come back to teach here after getting some experience. One does not simply walk into Trogdor; one carefully considers how to face and overcome the challenge at hand.

As I recently told someone, Nike hit on something with their logo (“Just do it.”), but it needs something else. And that something is another line. I prefer my version (made with SketchBook Express):

New Nike Swoosh For Blog Final

In the spirit of the revised Nike slogan, over the next few days I will prayerfully consider my different options. Right about now, getting a clear direction for the future would be like a drop of golden sun.

~TESOL Teacher Kyle


2 thoughts on “Composing Myself

  1. Good man, Kyle York — — I pray that your Father and my Father would give you “the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation” and lead you to the places that He has called you to go! The future is an exciting, but unexpected one… I pray that He would take you by the hand and lead you forward… even if He doesn’t tell you where that direction leads.

    It will be excellent, I know that!

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