Getting Ready for Student Teaching

Classes started on the 28th. Today, I know. So I have technically already started student teaching.

But who says that I can’t tell you, dear reader, about how it was getting ready for student teaching? No one. So I’ll tell you. 🙂

Last week started with—like any other week I’ve had in Brazil this trip—ham and cheese on french bread with a cup of coffee. But I was destined (and planned) to meet my host family on Wednesday in anticipation of faculty meetings on Thursday and Friday.

Thanks to the punctuality, helpfulness, and driving skills of my uncle (Thanks, Tio Antonio!), I arrived at my host family’s house Wednesday morning without a snag, and shortly met the couple that has agreed to give me a place to stay. Not to mention eat. Forget the personal basement bedroom (love it!), sunroom, bathroom, backyard, fridge, and microwave. Yeah, I’m blessed. Big time.

A picture of my bed:
photo (11)

Yep. Blessed big time with a big bed. 🙂

As it turns out, I have been matched with two wonderful Cooperating Teachers. I will be assisting them as they teach English Literature classes for grades 9-11. I have been told that I should avoid using Portuguese in class. However, this does not keep me from speaking Portuguese at lunch…when I eat at the school’s BUFFET STYLE restaurant! The first day on campus, before I even met my cooperating teachers, I already knew that I would feel at home at ISC. Seriously, the food is exceptional (if you are like me and like Brazilian cuisine).

After eating an introductory lunch and falling in love with the campus [ 🙂 ] I was given a tour and was told I would be working on the ground level of the Secondary Education building here at the International School of Curitiba.

photo (12)

A truly beautiful campus. And you’ve just got to love the goats and sheep hidden behind the building. Can’t bleat a quality backwoods education! (bababa).

If you understood the humor, I tip my perforated hat off to you. See previous post to understand hat reference. 😀

So what is my first project? LOTF.

LOTF Book Cover

This ought to be interesting. Especially since two friends and I (much like Ralph, Jack, and Simon) recently scaled a mountain. If my friend, a quiet fellow, was Simon, that means I was Ralph or Jack… I like to think that I was Ralph. But not even Ralph had to do what I did: climb a slippery rockface in the rain with a chain and a few anchored iron bars.

photo (13)


As it turns out, though, I am not any of the characters but the narrator. That’s right, after years of home schooling and read alouds in the living room, I was able to give a read aloud of the first part of Chapter One to a class of ninth graders. The Elementary Principal, who checked in on me during the reading, said that I have a radio voice. Nifty! Or should I say “Bully!”? That seems like a more appropriate word after being called a radio-man. Teddy Roosevelt had a signature saying… so why can’t I have a signature voice using his signature saying? I mean, does anyone have a beef with that? Veal talk! 🙂

Jokes aside, let me make it clear that I am super blessed to be here in Brazil, was super blessed during my first day of class (as an assistant, for the moment), and will be super blessed by all of you as you keep me in prayer. I will teach Romeo and Juliet after Carnaval, during which I plan to put up my next blog post. Good thing I am not a Montague or a Capulet, or else I might be a little worried. I’ll stick with being the narrator.

~TESOL Teacher Kyle



2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Student Teaching

  1. Enjoying your blog. What an exciting adventure and experience. Keep up the good work. Blessings and prayers from John and Brenda

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