Preliminary Phase: Almost Complete

The time has come. The Devil’s Throat looms before us.

Well, the garganta del diablo does, in any case. No need to worry though: it is just a name for a section of waterfall. Check it out on Youtube,

As I was saying…

It is time for Iguaçu: the waterfalls that mark the boundary of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. North Americans have Niagara, South Americans have Iguaçu. As Brazilian-Americans, it seems fitting for us to have both. 🙂

Since the last post of my Brazilian summer, I have visited family in Morretes and Matinhos, two cities toward the eastern coast of Brazil on the foothills of the plateau upon which Curitiba sits. What does this mean? It means good food, family, friends, and a healthy amount of risk–scratch that–war, actually. (We played the Brazilian version of Risk, called War, with our relatives into the wee hours of the morning. Surprisingly, Benjamin won, even without playing for several years. Call it Ben’s-super-intelligent-so-he-wins beginner’s luck.

photo (7)

Just look at that mastermind smile of his on the top left. We lost before we started. 😦

But hey, while I’m posting pictures of Ben, I might as well put up another. I think this one is pretty classic:

photo (8)

And here’s one of me, for all those who tem saudades de mim:


Fortunately, we have come to find that the next part of the preliminary phase (which is vacation and while Ben is here) will be shared with relatives who just happen to be going to Foz de Iguaçu the same days as we are. Here is a map of our destination.

We have been blessed by everybody we have met down here (And how!), but we have been especially blessed by William, a dear friend of mine with whom I have traveled over the last four years. William, Ben, and I are going to Foz for three nights, and we know that it will be a great time.


We make a good traveling trio.

Something to note: we really do appreciate your prayers. Please continue to “keep a candle burning” when you think of us. We fly for Iguaçu in the morning (7th) and we fly back on Thursday (10th). Benjamin heads back to the States Friday (11th), and we want him to be healthy and rested up for his return journey. No injuries or accidents! (And everybody said, “Amen!”)

Until next time, dear readers!


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