My First Brazilian Summer Post!

It is time to go from American Winter to Brazilian Summer!

On December 29th, 2012, I will leave for Brazil until May to complete my high school English student teaching practicum in Curitiba, Paraná. The first day of school is January 28th. But before I start my program, it’s time to sightsee!

Actually, I will be accompanied by my cousin, Ben, for the first two weeks, so I will get the opportunity to know my American as well as Brazilian relatives during this trip.  Ben and I have not been to Brazil since 2008, so we are pretty excited to catch up with family and friends.

We have a couple of prayer requests before we travel for 12-15 hours:

-Good traveling; a restful, smooth set of flights and airport experiences

-Good sense; a clear head as we travel in a different country

This will be a trip to remember. Please join me. As you may have noticed, all posts will nestled under a featured image on my blog’s homepage. The homepage is, by the way (if by some mystery you are reading this without knowing the link).

I’d love to read your comments!


God bless!





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